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School is really hard. I get straight A's and still get yelled at by my dad that I'm not good enough. My dad is in the military and acts as if us kids are all supposed to be awesome kids. One day he acts as if the world is amazing and that no matter what kind of mood we're in we need to be happy but most days he is a jerk. He yells and yells and calls us names for no reason, then the next day he pretends nothing happens. No, he is not drunk so he remembers everything. He takes most of his anger out on my mom. He has never hit us but definitely emotionally abused us. At school I look like I am happy. I have learned to make myself happy. I throw myself into after school activities and go beyond standards to keep myself busy and not thinking about how horrible my life is because someone else has it worse. I actually talked to scott, I think is his name, when he competed at the FCCLA event in Ohio in 2013. We were both sitting in our own schools' buses. And then today, he was at a neighboring school talking about how he has truly changed lives. Sometimes, even if it isn't your story, it is nice to hear that their is hope. Scott did something. I can do something. We can all do something. Thank You
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